How to use customer support *draft

■ Service time zone
Our business day · business hours: 9: 30 ~ 12: 00 13: 00 ~ 18: 00 [Japan time] (hereinafter the next business day response)

■ Inquiry (login) method
When using this site, login ID has been changed.
When logging in, a login ID in the form of a mail address is required.
Please add "@" to "Customer ID" that you used on the old support site and login.
There is no password change.
* Input example

If you see "Incorrect combination of e-mail address and password" on the login screen, please select from the link indicated as "Try again or get a new password."
Please proceed to obtain new password.
* For details on the procedure for acquiring a new password, please confirm here.

■ Response scope
1.Guide for providing correction files for products
2.Inquiries about installation method of products
3.Product revision upgrade, version upgrade, update method inquiries
4.Inquiries on how to operate products
5.Inquiry about product specification confirmation
6.Inquiry about setting method of product
7.Inquiries about how to use the API of the product

■ Out of response range
·How to implement the program
·Contents on direct use of 3rd party libraries included in our products
·Middleware products
·OS (including Active Directory)
·Application server (WebSphere, WebLogic, etc.)
·DB (including JDBC driver)
·Tuning method
·Test, test method
·Partner Solution (Please contact the distributor)
·Other company's products
·Load balancer
·Test tool

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